“I like to play golf in a warm country, which doesn’t help that I have chosen the UK to live and work, and therefore I regularly go away for golf trips. I have know Dr Matt the locumchiro for over a decade and he must have covered for me several times a year since then. My patients see him as a regular staff member at the office and there doesn’t have to be the big deal that can occur around the DC going away and bringing in this unknown stranger. If I couldn’t book Matt to cover my holidays, I just wouldn’t go, and wait until he is available.”

Dan, Kingston Upon Thames

” Dr Matthew is one of the most informed and focused Chiropractors I’ve ever worked with. If I’d previously known about his locum availability, I would have taken many more holidays in the past. As it is now, I would be supremely happy to entrust him to cover my practice and improve the health of my patients.”

Ian Orr. Bath

“Matthew Potts has locumed for me a couple of times and I can only speak of positives for this experience. Patients have always reflected positively about the way they’re cared for and speaking from personal experience as well, matts technical and adjustment skills are second to none.

In terms of management, Matt was always on time for shifts and appointment times ran smoothly and the clinic was in perfect condition when I returned.

I would strongly recommend Matt for locum covering, however I hope he doesn’t become too busy as I hope to use him in the future when I go on holiday again!”

Liam Rice, Nailsea

“Matt has been my locum for several years, including maternity cover for six months. My clients have always been very happy. He adapts to your adjusting style and gives great advice.  My clients felt it was good to have an extra opinion and he always backed up what I was saying.  He works with integrity and has a passion for health and chiropractic.  It is hard for me to find a chiropractor that does AK and nutrition like Matt does, I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.”

Camilla, Richmond-Upon-Thames

“Matt has helped me out on several occasions for holiday cover and I would not hesitate recommending him as a locum. He has always done an excellent job and left patients very happy. His confidence when covering is key and he really puts patients at ease along with sticking with the treatment and plan of care I have set out. This all helps to have a stress free holiday. You can be sure patients will really be cared for and looked after to a high standard”

Dr Donaldson, Yate

About Your Locum

Dr Matthew ABJ Potts BSc MSc DC GSR Dip[Herb] is a Doctor of Chiropractic & Herbalist, he has been involved in healthcare for nearly 20 years, 16 in Chiropractic & a locum for 10 years.

Dr Matt's goal as a locum is to blend into your adjusting & educational style so that your absence is as seamless as possible. He focuses on providing the expert care your patients are used to & support them in line with your philosophies and practice goals. Experienced in most clinic formats including high volume and open-plan. Most techniques are covered, including the more niche areas of NSA, Websters, Nutritional AK & B.E.S.T.

Dr Potts has provided over 300k treatment visits, ran wellbeing retreats across the world and is the author of the Alchemy of Wellbeing book an Amazon Best Seller in three categories.

Matt & his wife have Twin baby boys that were born Nov 17 & so Matt's availability is limited.

So please book early to avoid disappointment.

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